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About the Essay

This essay is about how my husband and I felt during our infertility problem and why we decided to do the IVF treatment.

You will learn how we got along with all the medical exams the doctors asked us to do to diagnose infertility and possible treatment for it. One of these physical exams I refer to was a hysterosalpingogram, it was a little painful but it was worth it. There also were exams for my husband; he took a sample of his sperm to the hospital laboratory. The doctor wanted to see some physical characteristics like morphology, quantity and mobility. Also there were the many ultrasounds we had to go through.

During the actual IVF treatment we learned to live with the possibility of failure. There was, of course, the possibility of not having a successful pregnancy. We also learned to live with medical risks involved that could develop for the babies or me. In this story you will read all our troubles and pressure from family and friends telling us home remedies and relaxation therapies to get pregnant. At this point we did not want to hear any more advice from doctors, relatives or friends, because any of those never worked for us.

At the end of this essay you will learn that only IVF treatment worked for us. Now that my twin daughters are happy eleven-year-olds and that I see them beautiful and healthy, I have forgotten all the painful IVF procedure, all the home remedies that did not work, and all the advise we got.

I thank God for my IVF experience.

The Author

Hi! My name is Coco!

I wrote this story because I want to share with you my IVF experience. I want to share my desire to have a baby, some of the home remedies to get pregnant that we used and our love story. Along these lines you will discover joy, sadness and all the adventures my husband and I went through.

After the failure of the Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) we lost faith in all science methods that could help us to become parents. But little by little we began to think positive again and later we became sure that with love and lots of patience we could fulfill our dream of having a baby.

The story tells about the IVF treatment, procedure and the experience we went through, and all that came with it, and of course, the arrival of our beautiful and healthy twin daughters. Now we live happy in México. I want to thank the Cooper Institute in New Jersey, for the IVF treatment, and for all the support they gave us during this experience.

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This essay is about how my husband and I felt during our infertility problem and why we decided to do the IVF treatment.



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